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Sam Grier has released the first three books of his series "The Starr Chronicles" involving CIA analyst Rick Starr.


In Di Zhen (subtitle Earthquake: Our Time is Up) Central Intelligence Agency senior analyst Rick Starr is reponsible for the CIA's China portfolio. Dr. Marly Cooper is a seismologist and world renowned expert on the San Andreas Fault. As China prepares for what appears to be an invasion of Taiwan and earthquake activity around the San Andreas Fault heightens, the vastly different worlds of Rick Starr and Marly Cooper collide, propelling them into a high octane race against time to defeat forces ignited by China that are designed to alter the course of history and the destiny of nations.


In 22 Lubianka Street two seemingly unrelated thefts involving Rick Starr on a trip to Rome Italy result in the discovery of a terrorist plot aimed to wreak havoc across the world. But all is not as it appears. Sinister forces intend to use the plot for their own purposes. Rick must stop the terrorists even as he tries to prevent a hidden group from igniting open conflict. Take a wild ride in Rome with Rick Starr and Marly Cooper as they get married in the world’s most romantic city while Rick is forced to confront the world’s most dangerous terrorists.


Readers are calling Virus Sam's most action packed story yet!


In Virus, Sam continues his story of Rick and Marly Starr in Volume III of the Starr Chronicles. Rick is directed to observe a meeting between a US senator and his colleagues at Gettysburg. Unbeknownst to Rick he is witness to an Orwellian plot designed to make every American a ward of the government without their knowledge. He and Marly are forced to flee assassins who believe that Rick might compromise their secret. Join Marly and Rick on their rollercoaster ride as they try to discover what others think Rick knows while barely staying a step ahead of forces intent on their destruction.



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